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Bamboo Lumber

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Bamboo Lumber

If you are considering bamboo lumber for your next project, you may have some questions. Bamboo is a superb eco-friendly option for construction materials. Bamboo only takes about five years to reach maturity. Contrast that with the decades or even hundreds of years for some trees. Despite the ecological benefits, bamboo also offers more strength and a sleek beauty you won't find in traditional hardwoods. 

The Difference Between Strand Woven, Vertical, and Horizontal Bamboo


As you can see in the photo above, horizontal means we lay the planks horizontally. This style highlights the natural grain of the bamboo, growth knots, and all.  


The vertical style means the planks are turned sideways and stacked together to create a sleek, modern grain flow. The grain has less of the natural variations Mother Nature has given to the horizontal style, but it is a stunning visual.  

Horiztonal bamboo has planks laid longways and three rows deep. Vertical has the planks stacked up in one row like dominoes.

Horizontal vs. Vertical

Look at the two photos below to make sure you choose the best styles for your next project.  

Horizontal bamboo preserves the natural grain and growth knots or knuckles. Vertical provides a sleek modern look.

While the color in the two examples is different, focus your attention on the grain patterns Vertical has more of a consistent modern look while horizontal has the natural grain with the growth knots. The growth knots are the notches where the bamboo would grow another extension of the chute.  

Bamboo Stair Treads

The photo (above) showing vertical vs. horizontal orientations showcases Eco Friendly Digs' bamboo stair treads.

What is Strand Woven Bamboo?

Strands of bamboo are torn apart and woven back together. High heat and pressure are applied to fuse the strands. The horizontal and vertical bamboo styles are stronger than oak with a Janka hardness rating of over 2300. However, the strand-woven style rates at over 4,000! That's about twice as hard as oak. 

Will a regular wood saw work for bamboo lumber?  

You can use standard woodworking tools for bamboo. Regarding saw blades, horizontal and vertical bamboo is harder than oak but close enough that you can use the same saw as traditional lumber.  A 40-tooth saw blade will give you a smooth cut on vertical and horizontal bamboo. Since strand woven is considerably denser, you will need at least an 80-tooth blade to achieve a smooth cut. 

Can I use wood glue on bamboo lumber? 

While bamboo is technically grass, like wood, it is made of cellulosic fibers. Standard wood glues and adhesives will work on bamboo the same as it would on work. 

How is the Bamboo Colored?

If you browse our bamboo products, you may see color options such as caramelized or carbonized. These aesthetics are not completed with a traditional stain coloring but with pressure and heat. Bamboo also looks marvelous in its natural brilliance! 



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