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Eco Friendly Digs is committed to providing you with natural, elegant, and beautiful home improvement with low environmental impact. Explore the endless benefits of bamboo, such as durability, stability, exotic appearance, and environmentally friendly nature. Shop our original floor reclaimed wood collection and explore our selection of bamboo: stair nose molding, baseboard, quarter-round molding, reducer molding, board lumber, ceiling crown molding, base shoe molding, and stair risers.

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Why Choose Bamboo?

Eco Friendly Digs Can Assist B2B Contract Projects:

Eco Friendly Digs Bamboo furniture will qualify for the LEEDS Credit MR6 / Rapidly Renewable Materials, LEEDS Credit MR7 / FSC Certified Wood Products, and the LEEDS Credit IEQ4.5 / Low Emitting Material—Systems Furniture and Seating.

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