Sustainable Home Improvement is committed to providing you with natural, elegant, quality home improvement with low environmental impact. Explore the endless benefits of bamboo, such as durability, stability, exotic appearance, and environmentally friendly nature. 

Shop our original floor reclaimed wood collection and explore our selection of bamboo: stair nose molding, baseboard, quarter-round molding, reducer molding, board lumber, ceiling crown molding, base shoe molding, and stair risers. 

For customers and contractors, personal or commercial projects, interior or exterior, floor or wall, is the right stop to find genuine and quality material with excellent customer service to assist you in your project.

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Why Use Reclaimed Wood for Your Next Floor?

Reclaimed wood is an ideal choice for your new floor! Below the top advantages of using reclaimed wood:

Recycled wood guarantees high quality and sustainability, making it the ideal material for your home. 

What is Reclaimed Wood? 

Reclaimed wood is recycled wood reused to give a new life to old wood and keep it valuable. You can use it for your homes and businesses. 

Is Reclaimed Wood Real Wood?

Reclaimed wood is natural and aged wood that we can repurpose by recycling.

Which Woods Are Reclaimed?

At, we offer Oak, Chesnut, Beech, Poplar, and Pine.

Is Reclaimed Wood Safe?

Reclaimed wood is a safe, natural material.

Can We Use a Wood Floor to Cover the Wall? 

The answer is yes, we can! Contact us by email, and we can request a particular order for your project from our partner.

How Long Does Reclaimed Wood Last?

Age will change dependent on the origin of the wood. Old-growth wood salvaged from vintage constructions could be throughout 100 years old.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Building Material?

Bamboo and reclaimed wood are among the top 10 reasonably priced materials with quality.

Top Advantages of Bamboo

Why Is Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

Bamboo's remarkable speed of growth and self-propagation makes it an exceptionally renewable and sustainable resource. Bamboo grows naturally and doesn't need pesticides and fertilizers. Bamboo is an excellent antidote for carbon pollution, producing 35 percent more oxygen than the same area of trees.

What Bamboo Symbolizes?

Bamboo symbolizes longevity because of its durability, strength, flexibility, and resilience: bamboo can endure the most challenging conditions, such as lack of water!

Why Is Bamboo Called Grass?

Bamboo is not a tree! Experts classify bamboo as grass because, like all grasses, bamboo has stems that are primarily hollow except at the nodes. It grows with leaves that make a sheath around the stem. A bamboo culm reaches its full size in a single season, unlike trees which grow taller each year. Can Assist B2B and Commercial Contract Projects: Bamboo furniture will qualify for the LEEDS Credit MR6 / Rapidly Renewable Materials, LEEDS Credit MR7 / FSC Certified Wood Products, and the LEEDS Credit IEQ4.5 / Low Emitting Material—Systems Furniture and Seating.

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