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Bringing Home Modern Bamboo Furniture

Eco-friendly, strong and stunning, bamboo is ideal for creating sustainable furniture.
Bamboo grows rapidly, requires no chemicals to thrive, offers maximum strength and durability and shines in its warm, rich tones.

Bamboo creates eco-friendly furniture of the finest magnitude.

Bamboo Basics

Bamboo is an ideal choice for Eco friendly Digs sustainable furniture line with its environmentally friendly nature and attractive display. The variations in grain color lend themselves to creating unique furniture for the home and a natural anti-microbial element wards off bacteria, making bamboo ideal for kitchen butcher blocks and cutting boards.

Bamboo furniture is furniture to feel great about. We also offer bamboo furniture for contract sales and B2B. Eco Friendly Digs Bamboo furniture will qualify for the LEEDS Credit MR6 / Rapidly Renewable Materials, LEEDS Credit MR7 / FSC Certified Wood Products and the LEEDS Credit IEQ4.5 / Low Emitting Material—Systems Furniture and Seating. Please let us know if we can assist you in your next contact project.

Go green with Eco Friendly Digs Bamboo Furniture!

One Order = One Tree Planted
We are planting a new tree right here in America for every order placed. Click to learn more.
12/8/2022 3:45:17 AM