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Create your ideal living room with Eco Friendly Digs, an essential room in your home, used daily for family and friends, talking, reading, or watching television. Many people spend more time in the living room than in any other space; that's why It's important to feel comfortable by creating good energy and fitting your personality! Eco Friendly Digs offers modern and sustainable living room furniture with quality and well-being in mind.

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How Should I Fill My Living Room? How Do You Arrange Living Room Furniture?

Explore our living room furniture checklist to shop for what furniture answers your needs and speaks to your style! Starting with seating such as a sofa, a living room would only be complete with a couch, perfect for family, friends, or even solo relaxing time!

For extra seating or to bring an accent, choose a few chairs, a loveseat, and a pouf! You will also need to think about a table such as a coffee table, sofa table, end table, or console table, which is essential. 

Then, you will need a TV stand to watch TV and relax; our selection is made from Bamboo or Reclaimed Wood in modern or classic styles! 

How Can I Decorate My Living Room?

Generally, the finest art and furnishings are in the living room for display and to represent you! We suggest you arrange the furniture first to have a global picture of what space is available.

Then, you can create a dynamic by mixing light and dark shades to find a balance that can fit your style and works well. You can also play with texture or upholstery; for example, our sofas are available in fabric, leather, beech wood, or Rattan in a classic shape or sectional—another example with wood that can bring some warm and reassuring atmosphere.

We also offer beautiful handmade rugs that will protect your floor and décor at the same time. Regarding décor, lights can bring an ambiance; our selection is made from recycled materials. Then opt for shelves to display your décor accent or books.

Does Living Room Furniture Need to Match?

You don't need to match to create a cohesive space; you can mix and play with colors, fabrics, textures, or styles to obtain an impressive result! All living room furniture is made with the well-being of the environment in mind. Sustainability and durability are essential qualities for each of our products at Eco Friendly Digs.

What's New in the Living Room Furniture?

At Eco Friendly Digs, we keep selecting sustainable products to offer you choices and variety. Our partners keep investing in innovation and green practices. Explore the "New Arrival" page and shop for our new products!

How Much Does Living Room Furniture Cost? What Should I Spend My Living Room Money on?

The price depends on a few factors, such as the upholstery. Is it fabric or genuine leather? At eco-friendly Digs, we offer high-quality sofas with a sustainable angle. A high-quality fabric sofa will run about $2,399. An actual 100% genuine leather couch will be about $4,799. Strong and durable materials appear more expensive in the short term, but you can save money and support the environment in the long term. It can answer the question of how often to replace living room furniture. Depending on the quality of materials, care, and cleaning. 

What Type of Furniture Is Most Sustainable?

Below is a list of eco-friendly furniture materials that our eco partner uses and that we offer at Eco-Friendly Digs

What Is the Best Living Room Furniture for When You Have Pets?

Leather sofas are excellent options for pet parents because they are effortless to clean, repel odors, and are very resilient. Genuine leather is the most suitable choice for durability and longevity.

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